Rent an InBody 570

Ready to help motivate your clients and customers. The InBody 570 provides accurate and affordable body fat and body composition testing.

Are you in Colorado? We are now renting the InBody 570 for your gym, club, studio, fitness center or other training facility.

Motivate Clients

Keep clients motivated and improve fitness program adherence to help clients and members reach their goals.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

By using cutting edge technology, you can provide additional services that can help keep ahead of your competition.

Marketing for Services

Advertise and market to new or previous clients, and provide an additional services for your current members. Trainers can offer packages to help clients reach their goals.

Additional Revenue

Body composition scans are a great way to earn extra revenue by providing additional services. Whether attracting new clients and members, providing opportunities to offer personal training services, or creating other revenue opportunities, renting an InBody 570 is an awesome way to bring in extra revenue.

inbody 570 rental company

InBody Scans Provide the Details

When you use the InBody 570, you will be able to share the whole picture of your clients fitness with them. This information provides you an opportunity to tailor training schedules and nutrition advice, to help produce better results.


Add Revenue To Your Training Services

The health and fitness industry is highly competitive. These days training facilities need to need to offer additional services that show meaningful data.  We can help provide you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Motivate and Inspire Your Clients

Keeping clients motivated and adhering to fitness and nutrition requires constant feedback.  Luckily, by using the InBody 570, it’s an easy way to keep clients focused and provide motivation. With the data from the InBody 570, your clients will instantly understand their body composition.

InBody 570 Revenue Generation

Help improve membership retention
Great for new member acquisition
Cross Selling Opportunities
Create fitness challenges
Hold a weight loss seminar
Tracking and accountability of clients
Fitness testing and benchmark testing
Outstanding tool for lead generation
Generate revenue without the expense of purchasing and maintenance
Outreach deals to current members

Start Body Composition Scans in 4 Easy Steps

1. Arrange Rental Days

Get in touch with us and we will answer any questions you have.  If you are interested, we will make arrangements for the days you request.

2. Return Rental Agreement and Deposit

We’ll send you a rental agreement and finalize any details.

3. Delivery and Set-Up

We’ll deliver the InBody 570 package and set-up the equipment. We’ll teach you and your staff all the details of equipment use and data interpretation.

4. Provide testing to your clients

Start testing!  The process is simple and clients love it.  In just 2 minutes, each participant will complete the scan and receive the automatically printed results.

Included with the Rental

  • InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer
  • Automatic printer and stand
  • Onsite training on how to use the InBody 570
  • Results sheet training and Interpretation
  • Interpretation guide to give to each client
  • InBody 570 printer paper
  • InBody hand/foot wipes
  • Ultrasonic stadiometer for height
  • Framed poster boards for the InBody 570
  • Flyers to advertise the InBody 570
  • Sign-up Sheets for members
  • Custom Logo placement on the results sheets
  • Delivery and set-up of all equipment
  • Break down and pick up of all equipment

Contact Us about Renting an Inbody 570

* Currently InBody Rentals are available only in Colorado

We make it easy for you to implement body composition testing services. If you think you might be interested in renting an InBody 570, please fill out the questionnaire below, send us an email or call us.