Breckenridge Recreation Center

Members Body Fat Testing Discount

Save $5.00 when you register for testing.  Register here and enter Promo Code BRC2017. Please bring your Breckenridge Recreation Center ID with you.


Ready to lose weight or gain muscle. We are offering discounts for body fat testing and body composition testing to members of the Breckenridge Recreation Center. We use the most effective way to achieve both is by using data to drive your goals. We use medical grade equipment to determine accurate body fat and body composition. Our equipment from GE Healthcare, is used by leading hospitals, gyms and professional sports teams in the US and around the world.

We provide the fastest, most accurate, and noninvasive testing method. Within minutes you receive data that shows your Percentage of Body Fat, Muscle Balance, Basal Metabolic Rate, Body Composition History, along with other information that will guide your goals.

By providing Segmental Muscle/Fat Analysis, the exact amount and location (right/left arm, trunk, and right/left leg) of lean muscle mass and fat distribution shows where your muscle and fat is distributed. This information provides an accurate way to measure and track your progress, as well as setting and reaching new goals.  This data will give you immediate feedback for your weight loss and fitness management program. In turn, using the data will help to take you to the next level while learning about your specific exercise and nutritional requirements.

Body Composition testing can help:

• Learn about your Body Fat and composition, and how to adjust health and fitness goals
• Get accurate details of your body fat, muscle and body composition
• Use accurate information that can guide your personal nutrition plans
• Devsign a body composition goal, and get data to guide you to those goals

Weight management is important, but the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. For example, too often the well intentioned dieter is losing more valuable muscle than fat. That looks good on the scale, but it’s actually going in the wrong direction as far as working toward a healthy body composition.