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Body Composition Analysis

We go well beyond traditional body composition testing to help you understand your body and reach your goals. Not only will we analyze how much fat and muscle you have, but also your total body water (including intracellular water and extracellular water). The values provide you with accurate and meaningful data that’s important for understanding what you are made of for medical, wellness, or fitness applications.

We make testing easy by measuring your fat, muscle, and water levels in under a minute. There is no dunking, air chambers, X-rays, pinching or any discomfort. All you do is simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes to test.  You are done in under one minute. With the easiest, quickest, and most precise BIA body composition testing, you gain huge insights into your body, health and fitness levels from the most precise DSM-BIA body composition analysis in the world in under one minute.

Fast, Easy and Accurate Results

See how easy it is to get full body fat and body composition results. Learn about what you’re made of in minutes and gain huge insights about your body, metabolism, health and fitness levels. See sample results here.

Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA) views the human body as five “cylinders”: the arms, the legs, and the trunk. Accurate and independent measurements of each cylinder are essential for providing analysis not just for each cylinder, but for the entire body. Our equipments advanced technology allows our devices to directly measure all five cylinders and provide data for complete body composition testing details.
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8 Point Tactile Electrode System with Thumb Electrodes

When measuring impedance with electrodes, controlling contact resistance is essential to accurately measure impedance in the body. Our equipment accounts for contact resistance by using a unique method of electrode placement.

The 8-Point tactile electrode system with thumb electrodes separates the current and voltage electrodes. This provides high reproducibility and correct body impedance measurements because variability due to contact resistance from the skin has been removed. The use of a separated voltage thumb electrode makes our devices unique.

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Multiple Frequencies For Accurate Measurements

Electric currents have differing penetration abilities depending on their frequency. Some frequencies are better suited for measuring body water outside the cell, while others are capable of passing through cell membranes and measuring total body water. With multiple varying frequencies, we can provide most precise results for body water analysis.

Currents with higher frequencies can determine the water content inside the cell because they can penetrate the cell membrane. Conversely, currents with lower frequencies have limited abilities in penetrating cell membranes and are more suitable for measuring the water outside the cells. By using multiple frequencies, our devices are able to accurately measure total body water and can be used for analyzing individuals with imbalanced body water distributions.

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