4 Day Split Workout Routine for Muscle & Strength

Are you looking to transform your body?  The good news for many, a 4-day workout spilt routine is perfect for most people. Regardless if you are experienced or just starting your road to fitness, we are going to give you the low down on planning your best 4-day workout split for muscle and strength.

The most effective mass building routines must focus on the proven barbell exercises, including compound movements (squats, bench press, etc.) and isolation movements (preacher curls, etc.) along with a great diet and cardio to control extra calories.

When we go to the gym to build strength and muscle building (hypertrophy), each helps the other. The stronger you become the more muscle you build, the more muscle you build the stronger you become.  The four-day split is a perfect solution for a majority of people to reach their fitness goals. Once you start to plateau or able to workout more frequently, you can move to a 5-Day Workout Split or a PHAT Workout Routine.

The 4-Day Workout Split

We typically recommend the 4-day split routine for lifters who have a good understanding of both compound and isolation movements, have had success with a 3-day workout split for 6 months and understand the importance of balanced nutrition and diet to support muscle building. Doing a 5-day split and eating like crap is no more effective than a great 3-day a week workout with a balance diet and good sleep. So whatever you choose, follow through with a healthy lifestyle.

One of the most important things you can do is to learn how you build muscle and strength. And I mean you. Don’t copy the fittest girl or guy at the gym. Everybody’s genes, life, and fitness journey is unique to them. The sooner you understand the techniques, principles and methods for your own physique, you will then excel in reaching your own goals.

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Is the 4-day Split for Me?

So, it’s time to start a new 4-day workout routine. There are many reasons to set up a new workout training split routine. While setting up your routine remember these 5 elements (and don’t let the ego get in the way). And it’s a 4-Day workout, not 3 or 2, so follow though with each workout through the week.

Consider the following:

1) Your strength training experience (Routines, diet, etc.)
2) Your personal goals (Hit a PR, add 5lbs muscle, etc.)
3) Your weekly schedule (Available M-F to train, etc.)
4) Age and ability to rest and recover (20’s, 40’s, etc.)
5) Injuries or other health concerns. (Bad shoulder, back, etc.)

4 day split for men and women

 4-day Splits: Build a Balanced Workout Split

A well-designed 4-Day Split Workout plans provide a well-rounded balance of workout and recovery time for athletes at all levels. With 4 Day Splits, you can give maximum effort on endurance, hypertrophy and strength without destroying your body. And if you play sports, cycle, run or or other intense sports, you will have time to perform and recover.

Additionally, you can easily move your 4-Day Split Workout routines around to fit with your school, work or family schedules, or maybe one that will better fit with your goals. You will also you need to change your workout split every 8-12 weeks to your mind and body challenged and engaged. Don’t forget to take some de-load weeks.

One of Our Favorite 4-Day Muscle & Strength Split Workout Routines

Day 1 -Chest and Abs
Day 2 – Back and Traps
Day 3 – OFF
Day 4 – Shoulders and Arms
Day 5 – Legs and Abs
Day 6 – OFF
Day 7 – OFF

Day 1Chest & Abs
ExerciseSets x Reps
Bench Press4 x 6-10
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press3 x 6-10
Chest Dumbbell Flye3 x 10-12
Chest Dip3 X AMAP
Cable Crossover or Pec Dec3 x 12-15
Machine Press or Dumbbell Bench Press3 x 12-15
Close grip Bench Press3 x 12-15
Leg Raises4 x 8-12
Day 2Back
ExerciseSets x Reps
Deadlift4 x 6-10
One Arm Dumbbell Row3 x 10-12
Wide Grip Pull Up or Lat Pull Down3 x 10-12
Barbell Row3 x 10-12
Seated Cable Row or Machine Row3 x 12-15
Hyperextensions3 x 12-15
Day 4Shoulders, Triceps & Biceps
ExerciseSets x Reps
Seated Barbell Shoulder Press4 x 6-10
Seated Arnold Press3 x 10-12
Dumbbell Lateral Raise3 x 10-12
Upright Row3 x 10-12
EZ Bar Skullcrusher3 x 10-12
EZ Bar Bicep Curl3 x 10-12
Cable Tricep Extension3 x 12-15
Overhead Dumbbell Extensions3 x 10-12
Seated Dumbbell Curl3 x 10-12
Day 5Legs, Calves and Abs
ExerciseSets x Reps
Squat4 x 6-10
Leg Press3 x 10-12
Standing Calf Raise3 x 10-12
Leg Extension3 x 10-12
Dumbbell Lunge3 x 10-12
Stiff Leg Deadlift3 x 10-12
Leg Curl3 x 12-15
Seated Calf Raise3 x 10-12
Ab Roll Out4 x 10-15

We have a lot more 4 day workout split options here. Check out these splits and see how they may meet your fitness goals. You can alter the schedule forward or backward if you want to include a Saturday or Sunday. You can also work the 4-Day Split to 2 Upper/Lower workouts per week.

4 day split workout routine for muscle